Floor Plans

Top-Notch Design + Spacious Living

Choose from a variety of spacious studio, one-, two-, three-, four-, five-, and six-bedroom floor plans, and find the one that best fits your lifestyle. From sleek modern kitchens and the convenience of your own washer and dryer, to offering individual leases and a roommate-matching program, our apartments near UF are designed for comfortable living accented with an upscale touch.

The Archer

351 Sq. Ft.


The Albert - 1 bedroom, 1  bath

The Albert

One Bed, One Bath
581 Sq. Ft.


The Alberta - 1 bedroom, 1 bath

The Alberta

One Bed, One Bath
580 Sq. Ft.


The Bailey - 2 bed, 2 bath

The Bailey

Two Bed, Two Bath
847 Sq. Ft.


The Bivens - 2 bed, 2 bath

The Bivens

Two Bed, Two Bath
810 Sq. Ft.


The Brywood - 2 bed, 2 bath

The Brywood

Two Bed, Two Bath
832 Sq. Ft.


The Cade - 3 bed, 3 bath

The Cade

Three Bed, Three Bath
1,086 Sq. Ft.


The Cedar Key - 3 bed, 3 bath

The Cedar Key

Three Bed, Three Bath
1,143 Sq. Ft.


The Celebration - 3 bed, 3 bath

The Celebration

Three Bed, Three Bath
1,082 Sq. Ft.


The Depot - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Depot

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,410 Sq. Ft.


The Downtowner - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Downtowner

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,467 Sq. Ft.


The Dogwood - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Dogwood

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,436 Sq. Ft.


The Duckpond - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Duckpond

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,439 Sq. Ft.


The Durant - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Durant

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,602 Sq. Ft.


The Duval - 4 bed, 4 bath

The Duval

Four Bed, Four Bath
1,486 Sq. Ft.


The Hipp - 5 bed, 5 bath

The Hipp

Five Bed, Five Bath
1,577 Sq. Ft.


The Swamp - 6 bed, 6 bath

The Swamp

Six Bed, Six Bath
1,795 Sq. Ft.


*Rates are net effective rate and are subject to change at any time.